The Greeps (greeps) wrote in academy_ink,
The Greeps

Ink in the "real" world

I currently have two small, inconspicuous tattoos (foot & lower back). I really want to get a third, preferrably on the back of my neck. Only problem is, I wonder how this will affect future jobs. I've recently been accepted to NYU Wagner for Nonprofit Management and hope to be moving out into the professional world in two to three years time. Up until now I have spent my tattoo-ed time as an undergrad, a social service employee (group home setting), and a Peace Corps Volunteer - none of them serious (ie. conservative) professional endeavors.

My question is - how much have you/do you worry about such things and have visible tattoos ever affected your job?

If I got a small tattoo on the back of my neck as I'd like, I could always cover it with longer hair while at work which would work for now. But for the past five years I've had boy-length hair and am considering chopping it back to that length this summer (it's only been long enough to cover my neck for the past 6 months now).

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