sarah "monroe" (sarahmonroe) wrote in academy_ink,
sarah "monroe"


Name: Sarah Oliveri

School: Cuyahoga Community College-west until May of 2006 where I serve as President to our international honors society, Phi Theta Kappa
-I will attend Kent University in the fall of 2006
-and then hope to go to Chicago University
Major:History (Egyptology/ancient civilizations)

Tattoos: Two beautiful tats on my back; a women on the moon in the middle, and ..basicly a women trapped ( in a groovy snow globe), the social distortion skeleton loge on my lower-lower back, a sun around my belly button, and a sleeve on my left arm; with flowers and some words, one side depressing, one side inspirational...
-Piercings: Lip, labret,left nostril, belly button, left nipple, lady area...:)x's 2..I think thats it

Plan on getting midnight in the garden of good and evil on the right arm as soon as I find that long sought after money tree.
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