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Academy Ink

Home of the Educated and Illustrated

Academy Ink: Home of the Educated and Illustrated
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Welcome to Academy Ink, home of academics (real, in training, and wannabe) who like tattoos. The requirements for joining this little community are few:

1)you should be academically affilitated
2)if you're not presently affiliated, you should be planning to be by the beginning of the next semester (so right now that'd be Fall 2005)
3)of course, some academics are independent, so if you're one of those, leave a comment about your "credentials"
4)you should have ink--we don't care how big or small, how plain or how complex--or planning to get ink within the next 2 weeks
5)other body mods are acceptable as well, as long as you don't talk smack about ink

It's really not our intention to be fascist about the academic, or the ink, part. It is just important that everyone realize this is not just a "I like tattoos" forum, but rather is catered to the needs and interests of those in the academy and our love of painted flesh.

Once you've been added as a member, please post the following biographical info about yourself. You can use your LJ nickname or initials if you don't want to enter your name.

Number of tattoos:
Number of piercings:

Picture(s) of your tattoo(s):