lady of situations (santaprudencia) wrote in academy_ink,
lady of situations

Hello from Berkeley

Name: K.
Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Field: English/Composition/Creative Writing
Tattoos: Seven going on eight. One is the first line of the Odyssey, in greek; the rest are various snakes, fish, flowers and leaves, all on the front of my body. I'm getting my first back piece (upper back) as soon as I find out where my tattoo guy moved to.
Piercings: Just two in my ears. I formerly had my nose and eyebrow pierced. I also took out the ten other ear piercings years ago.
Pictures: I wish. I've never gotten around to buying a digital camera.

I'm glad to find all of you. Berkeley has become kind of conservative since I joined the faculty in 1999 (yep, I'm the tattooed professor. If there are any other tattooed professors out there, let me know.).
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